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Add documentation for Format.cookie()

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......@@ -9,6 +9,35 @@ The `Format` library implements a common set of output formatting methods.
## Class: Format
Format is a completely static class of loosely related methods
### static Format.cookie(name, value, options)
* `name` {string} name of the cookie
* `value` {string|object} value of the cookie, Objects automatically serialized to JSON
* `options` {object} set cookie options
* Return {string} a string ready to set sent view `res.setHeader('Set-Coookie')`
Available Options
* `domain` {string} set the domain of the cookie eg: `{ domain: '' }`
* `expires` {string} UTC date string, indicating when the cookie expires
* `httpOnly` {boolean} `true` will stop javascript access to the cookie
* `maxAge` {number} number of seconds the cookie shall be valid
* `secure` {boolean} `true` for HTTPS only cookies
* `sameSite` {string} accepts `Strict`, `Lax`, or `None` as values to control cross origin
const Format = require('kado/lib/Format')
const Module = require('kado/lib/Module)
class MyModule extends Module {
someRoute (req, res) {
const cookie = Format.cookie('myCookie', { id: 1 }, { httpOnly: true })
res.setHeader('Set-Cookie', cookie)
// or use the built in cookie helper like so
res.cookie('myCookie', { id: 1 }, { httpOnly: true })
### `static Format.toFixedFix(n, prec)`
* `n` {mixed} the number, or string containing parsable number-like data
* `prec` {number} precision; how many places after decimal to retain
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