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<h1 id="advancedtechniques">Advanced Techniques</h1>
<p>Unfortunately we have not yet completed this guide. However, it is under
construction! You are welcome to check the progress made building this guide
or contribute to it yourself at the following URL:</p>
<li><a href="">Build Advanced Techniques Guide</a></li>
<p>Thank you for checking into the Kado documentation!</p>
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......@@ -66,9 +66,6 @@ emails using the Kado provided libraries and connecting to an email server.</li>
to know about the Kado view system and how to render views.</li>
<li><a href="/guide/writing-tests/">Writing Tests</a> - Write tests against your
application easily using the provided Kado library.</li>
<li><a href="../guide/">Advanced Techniques</a> - Prepare your
application for production with the introduction of clustered processes and
command line applications.</li>
<h2 id="kadolibrarylist">Kado Library List</h2>
<p>This is an exhaustive list of all the JavaScript libraries provided with Kado.
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