Commit 1b9b55e3 authored by Bryan Tong's avatar Bryan Tong

Merge branch 'updateFooter' into 'master'

Bump version in footer.

See merge request !47
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<div id="copyright">
<div class="copyright">&copy; 2013-2020 Bryan Tong, NULLIVEX LLC. All rights reserved.</div>
<div class="support">Powered by <a href="">Kado v4.2.0</a> Try it on your project today!</div>
<div class="support">Powered by <a href="">Kado v4.2.1</a> Try it on your project today!</div>
<div class="conduct">Kado is openly developed and open source. To contribute view our <a href="/info/contributing/">Code of Conduct</a>. Then send a merge request on <a href="">Gitlab</a>.</div>
<div class="license">This software is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License Version 3 or above. Please see <a href="/license/">LICENSE</a> for more details and a full copy of the license.</div>
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